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Dr. Dr. Holger Dietrich

Computer Tomography Based 3D-Planning of Implants

We have been using computerized tomography based 3D-Planning of implantations in our dental practice in Emden since the spring of 2007. This so-called NobelGuideTMprocedure was developed by the implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare.

Your implantologist, Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Holger Dietrich, maxillofacial surgeon and certified in the specialist area of Implantology by the DGMKG- the German Association of Maxillofacial Surgeons, can use this non-traumatic surgery to resolve a single-tooth gap, as well as in implant therapy for a partly toothed or a toothless (edentulous) jaw.

One of the advantages of this method is that your implantologist can perform the surgery using tissue-conserving minimum invasion. It is not necessary for the gum to be opened with a scalpel. Your implantologist simply uses a punch. Therefore there are no stitches to be removed after the procedure.

Using three-dimensional computerized-imaging your anatomical data are digitalized and processed simultaneously onto an X-ray. From this your implantologist is able to see the operable area exactly, assess important structures such as blood-vessels and nerve-fibres located near to the implant area and make a virtual planning of the implantation, maintaining sufficient safe distance from these structures. Further to this Dr. Dr. Dietrich sends this data to the Nobel Biocare company in Sweden, where this is processed by CAD/CAM technology into a surgical drill-guide.

At the beginning of the precise implant surgery, your implantologist places the patient-specific surgical drilling-template with guide sleeves onto your jaw. Next the implant canals are drilled using implant drills and then in a second procedure the implants are inserted.

A temporary bridge or prosthesis, made in the interim by the dental technician thanks to the CAD/CAM technology, can be screwed to the implant directly after the implantation. In some cases - after discussion with your implantologist - even immediate use is possible.

Frau Dr. med. dent. Insa Dietrich, who is not only a dentist but also a fully-trained dental technician and who has excellent specialist knowledge and many years of experience in this area, is responsible for implant-supported prosthetics.

Due to the minimal invasive surgery, there is very little swelling or pain after the implantation and you can leave our practice after a short time.

With regard to immediate tooth-replacement, one must take into account, that this can only be performed by the implantologist, when there is a defined minimum of underlying bone tissue, into which the implants can be fixed. This is of course examined in detail and assessed by your implantologist during the diagnostics which precede your implantology.

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