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Information About Root Canal Therapy

Dear Patients,

In the following we would like to answer some of the questions we are asked regarding root canal treatment in our joint practice in Emden.

What is Endodontics?

During the course of root canal treatment in our surgery in Emden, we remove from the centre of the tooth the diseased and destroyed tissue consisting of blood vessels and nerve tissue, which forms the dental pulp (pulpa). In order to measure the length of the root canal accurately, we take an electronic length measurement, which provides us with exact data. After removal of the dental pulp the interior of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected. For the preparation of the root canal we employautomatictorque-controlled procedures. Nickel-titanium single-use instruments specially devised for this treatment are used. Subsequently the root canal is filled and sealed by a vertical or lateral condensation technique, using X-ray opaque (opaque = clouded) filler.

What are the advantages of Endodontal Therapy?

Root canal treatment leads to the conservation of pulp-dead teeth which we otherwise must extract as dead teeth. Afterwards these teeth can be rebuilt with appropriate prostheses and are retained as natural teeth.

Why is Root Canal Treatment necessary in some cases?

In our surgery in Emden we perform root canal treatment if, for example, there is an inflammation of the dental pulp.This inflammation can for example be caused by advanced caries (decay). Also when a previous root-filling has not achieved the desired success, a new root treatment can be performed (revision of root-filling). From an single X-ray of the affected tooth, we can determine to what extent the inflammation of the marrow has advanced. In addition we use a so-called vitality probe to test whether the tooth is already marrow-dead.

How many appointments are required for Root Canal Therapy?

As a rule endodontal treatment requires several appointments. (1. examination and X-ray diagnosis; 2. opening (trepanation) of the tooth, root canal preparation and disinfection: 3. root filling. Taking into account the severity of the infection and the quality of the root canals, a further appointment may in indivual cases be necessary. We explain everything to you in detail during a preliminary consultation.

What can be said about the "Life" of a tooth which has had Root Canal Treatment?

Teeth which have received root canal treatment must be cleaned just as thoroughly as your other teeth. With optimum dental hygiene by you, as well as six-monthly check-ups in our surgery in Emden, the tooth can be retained indefinitely.

Can Root Canal Treatment be painful?

In our surgery we use the necessary measures (e.g. a local anaesthetic) in order to give you pain-free treatment.

Which problems can arise after Endodontic Therapy?

In the first two days after the treatment pain when biting as well as small irritations can occur in the surrounding tissue. At our surgery in Emden we provide you in this eventuality with appropriate pain-relief which you can take according to instructions.

Are there alternatives to Root Canal Therapy?

Apart from root canal therapy we could extract the tooth. The gap must be supplied temporarily with an appropriate prosthesis, otherwise neighbouring teeth will move slowly into the gap and the incorrect counter-bite will cause the opposite tooth in the other jaw to become loose.

Are there any restrictions regarding Endodontic Therapy?

If the tooth being treated does not show appropriate substance for subsequent permanent provision by filling or a prosthesis, endodontic treatment cannot be used.

What subsequent treatment is required after Endodontic Therapy?

A tooth which has received root canal treatment must receive prompt attention in order to prevent danger of fracture due to high loss oftooth substance.

What special qualifications are held by my attending dentist?

Dr. Insa Dietrich is our specialist in Endodontics in our practice in Emden. She was certfied in the special area of Endodontics by the Dental Association. Due to her excellent knowledge and many years of experience in this area, the highest standards of treatment are guaranteed.

What information is available about the cost of Root Canal Therapy?

The cost is dependent on whether a tooth should or should not be retained in accordance with the directives of dental health insurers. The cost of retaining a tooth outwith these directives is not undertaken by the insurer. It can also happen, that in the treatment of a tooth within such directives, additional measures are needed, which are not included in the charges catalogue of the statutory health insurers, and must therefore be financed privately.

The costs incurred are dependent on the number of root canals to be treated and on the length of time required for the treatment. Prior to the treatment you will receive a detailed statement of costs from us.

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