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Dr. Insa Dietrich

Periodontology / Periodontal Surgery

Periodontology deals with diseases of the periodontal apparatus (periodontium). The so-called periodontosis is an inflammation (periodontitis).

This inflammation of the gums causes the formation of so-called gum pockets in the tooth neck area. The gums shrink and pull away from the teeth towards the dental root top. The jaw bone shrinks as well, causing, in the worst case, loosening or spontaneous falling out of teeth.

A so-called "professional dental cleaning" is performed before the surgical treatment. In the event that this procedure, accompanied by medication (antibiotic treatment), does not result in a clear recovery, a periodontal surgical treatment must be performed. 

We will pleased to inform you about the various periodontal surgical treatments (closed vs. open curettage, flap operation etc.).

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