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Dr. Insa Dietrich

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry includes all methods which improve the aesthetics and the hygienic condition of the mouth (it is by no means only "tooth cosmetics"). This includes the following:

Professional dental cleaning along with detailed instruction and guidance for efficient oral hygiene as well as fluoridation

Bleaching of dark (especially non-vital, "dead", root-canal-filled) teeth

Veneers (fine, thin ceramic covers on the front of the teeth / mostly on upper anterior teeth) 

Veneers       Veneers

Inlays (laboratory-manufactured, one-piece insert fillings) made of precious metal (gold alloy) or full-ceramic (porcelain)




Aesthetic dental restorations (full-ceramic crowns and bridges)

Aesthetic dental restorations

full-ceramic crowns and bridges

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